Support for Clergy

And Others in Ministerial Positions Who Are Seeking Full Communion with the Catholic Church

A special kind of support is needed for those whose occupations have been in ministry positions in non-Catholic traditions. The Coming Home Network exists to provide that support.

“I remember looking at him across the table. I was literally shaking and I said, ‘Father, you’re the pastor of a large congregation. You’ve got to know someone who owns some kind of company who needs someone to do something. Please help me. I need a job.'”

– Ken Hensley, Former Protestant Minister

What are some immediate steps I can take?

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The CHNetwork began in 1993 out of the seemingly isolated experiences of Marcus and Marilyn Grodi and several other Protestant clergy and their spouses. Upon leaving their pastorates to enter the Catholic Church, they discovered with surprise that there were many others being drawn by the Holy Spirit to take the same journey. Since then, we have connected with hundreds of other pastors from a variety of backgrounds and at various stages of discernment. We believe we know where you are coming from and would like to help you on your way.

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Seek financial and vocational counsel.

Many non-Catholic clergy struggle with career and financial matters as part of their journey toward the Church. While individual circumstances vary widely, we have created, for members of the CHNetwork, an e-booklet to help you begin discerning and planning the steps ahead. We hope the practical tips and suggestions contained in this e-booklet encourage you along the path of discernment. We also have connections with Financial and Career Counselors who want to help former clergy review their resumes and discern how they can best use their gifts and continue supporting their families.

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Connect with others who have made this journey.

We realize that seekers, especially those in ministerial or leadership positions in non-Catholic traditions, can encounter many difficulties when their search for truth leads to the Catholic Church. Their family and friends may not understand this search. Their livelihood may be in jeopardy, and the path forward may be uncertain. The Coming Home Network International was founded with this understanding in mind to provide those interested in the Catholic Church with support through resources and fellowship.

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Attend a CHN Retreat.

Get together with the CHN staff, other converts, and those considering becoming Catholic for a few days of intense prayer, warm fellowship, and deep discussion. Visit our retreats page to learn more about available dates and locations.

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"I just knew that I needed to be here and to be a part of this group. I just had this feeling that something was going to happen, and it really was just a shot in the arm to keep going, to go forward."

Susan B.

"I had hopes that I would meet people I could fellowship with. What I was blown away with, and really what I'm taking away from here is something deeper.... I'm talking about people who were together for three days and all of a sudden we're leaving as family."

Tony F.

“A highlight for me was hearing from other people who’d had similar experiences, and knowing that God had called me in the same way that he’d called other people.”

Beverly W.

"The Holy Spirit just works when you get together a group of on fire Christians who are at a couple interesting places of their spiritual journey, some of them considering the Catholic Church and maybe feeling convicted to become Catholic and some who've made that journey before..."

JonMarc G.

"What I was able to glean was that no matter where you're at, the Coming Home Network staff and the people around you were able to meet you at that place and take you further along, and all with Christ's love. I would say, don't wait, don't hesitate, do it yesterday."

Tony F.

Re-Evaluate Your Call to Ministry

The majority of non-Catholic clergy converts live out their vows to ministry in various ways as lay men and women in the Catholic Church. However, there are exceptions. For former Anglican clergy, there are two specific paths by which one might discern a vocation to the Catholic priesthood: the Pastoral Provision, and the Ordinariate of Saint Peter. To read more about these, click on the images below. While there are no special programs for clergy from other traditions — Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. — some former ordained ministers have worked with their bishops toward ordination as Catholic priests.

But remember…

Whatever challenge you are facing on your journey to the Catholic Church, the Coming Home Network is here to assist and pray for you. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.


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