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We are a network of Catholic converts helping others find the fullness of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. Whether you are here to receive help or offer it, we’re glad to have you in the Coming Home Network.

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Here are some of the basics of membership. Scroll down to learn about the services available to those on the journey and how converts or lifelong Catholics can get involved with the work.

The CHNewsletter

Each monthly CHNewsletter features a new conversion story, articles, and most importantly a list of prayer requests from around the network.

Free “Journeys Home” eBook

30+ conversion stories, from both clergy and lay members of the CHNetwork, provide insight, encouragement, and inspiration for all who are seeking the fullness of Christian truth.

Online Community

Discussion forums and private groups for members of the CHNetwork to meet, ask and answer questions, and support each other on the journey.

A Spirit-Filled Network

Get involved with a network of Christians who are on fire for Christ and seeking the unity for which He prayed.

On the Journey

Protestants and Other Non-Catholics Exploring Catholicism or Thinking About Becoming Catholic

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How We Help

Whether you are actively in the process of becoming Catholic or are just starting to explore the Church, we invite you to join the Coming Home Network. Here are some of the ways we want to help you on your journey onward:

Personal Connections

Our staff are available to help you find needed resources, connect with other members of the CHNetwork who have made a similar journey, or just keep you in prayer. Let us know how we can be of service.

The CHNewsletter

For over 20 years, this flagship publication has been our way of staying connected,  supporting each other in prayer and study, and sharing our stories.

Online Community

Our online discussion forums and groups put the CHNetwork right at your fingertips. Connect with a huge community of converts to Catholicism and those still on the journey of becoming Catholic.

Member Resources

As a member of the network you’ll also have access to our “Journeys Home” eBook, our archive of past CHNewsletters, and our guide to reading the Bible and Catholic Catechism in a year.

Coming Home Network Retreats & Other Events

Coming Home Network Retreats are opportunities to meet (or catch up with) the CHNetwork staff and other members of the network for a time of discussion, prayer, and worship.

Converts or Reverts to Catholicism

Deepening the relationship with Christ as Catholics and helping others on the journey home.

Join the Network

Get Involved

We would like to encourage you, as a convert or revert to the Catholic faith, to join the Coming Home Network International, both for your own continued edification and spiritual growth as well as for the fellowship and encouragement you can offer to others making a journey similar to your own.

Ongoing Encouragement

The journey of becoming Catholic and its attendant struggles may continue long after Easter. Just as with those not yet in the Church, our staff and helpers, online community, retreats, and other resources (see above) are available to help you continue your journey deeper into Christ as a Catholic.

Share Your Story

The stories and input of converts help us to better serve those on the journey to Catholicism. We also have a variety of opportunities for members to possibly share their stories with wider audience through The Journey Home Program on EWTN,  the CHNewsletter, our website, and our various fellowship opportunities.

Assist Others

Get involved in our online community or attend one of our CHNetwork retreats for opportunities to meet other members on the journey, answer their questions, and encourage and pray for them in their struggles.

Spread the Word & Support the Network

You’ve made this journey. You know how difficult it can be but also what fruits it can yield for an individual and for the Church. Become a member of the CHNetwork and support the work through your input, prayers, fellowship, and (if you are so called and able) financial contribution.

Catholics Who Support the CHNetwork

(and love to read inspiring conversion stories)

Catholic members of the CHNetwork are our partners in prayer, financial support, and in helping to share the amazing conversion stories with the world. We need your help! Scroll down and complete the membership form or click the button below to learn more about how to partner with us.

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