road-21205_1280Are you a Christian who has begun exploring Catholicism? Are you thinking about becoming Catholic? Don’t make this journey alone.

From the beginning, one of the primary goals of The Coming Home Network has been to make sure that all inquirers into Catholicism – those who are actively thinking of becoming Catholic or have recently joined the Church – find new community and fellowship for this journey, wherever it may lead.

1) Staff Support

Upon joining the network, one of our knowledgeable staff members such as Jim Anderson, Mary Clare Piecynski, or Br. Rex Anthony Norris, will reach out to you and find out a little about your situation and needs. They will initially help direct you to helpful resources and fellowship opportunities within the network and then continue to occasionally follow up to see how you are doing and whether we can be of any further help.

2) Online Community

One of the best ways that you can begin finding fellowship for the journey is by joining and becoming involved in our online community. Our discussion forums are a great place to browse questions from others on the journey as well as to share your own questions and struggles with a community of sympathetic Christians who have made this journey before and can help you find answers. Through our denominational, vocational, and other types of community groups, you can get to know other members of the network and find a community of support for your journey.

3) Helper’s Network

Our online community offers many opportunities for connecting with other members, but should you like some more assistance in finding connections – other converts of a particular denominational background, connections or resources in your area, or new professional or ministry opportunities as a result of your conversion – please let our staff know. Using our extensive database of CHNetwork members and connections all around the country, we’ll help you find and make some personal contacts.