The Coming Home Network exists to help you find fellowship and support from others who have made the journey home to the Catholic Church

“When I came into the church, something that was so essential to my experience was community… I think that there are probably so many converts that really make the journey alone. And I think that that would be so hard…”

– Blythe Fike, Wife, Mother and Convert

Here are some of the opportunities and steps we have prepared to help you find connection for the journey home and beyond.

Step One: Follow the CHNetwork

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Each monthly CHNewsletter features a new conversion story, articles, and most importantly a list of prayer requests from around the network.


We host regional retreats around the U.S. through which converts and those on the journey can meet, pray, and fellowship together.

Network of Support

Our staff, volunteers, and convert members from around the world are dedicated to helping others on the journey Catholicism.

Online Discussion Forums & Groups

Members from all over the world and from many theological or vocational backgrounds can find connections and fellowship for the journey.

Step Four: Get Involved in the Online Community


Introduce Yourself

Log-in to the online community and introduce yourself in the "Fellowship Hall"

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Step Five: Get Help from Our Experienced Staff

We’re Here For You

Whether it is answering questions, connecting you with the right people or resources, or simply keeping up with your journey praying for you, our dedicated staff are here to help you on the journey home and beyond.

Not yet a member? Fill out the registration form and tell us a little bit about your journey and current struggles in the fields provided. One of our staff will reach out to you.

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Here are some additional ideas and tips for converts or those on the journey to Catholicism who are looking for connection.

Think about who you already know.

Do you know someone who has become Catholic? Give him or her a call. Maybe you know a convert through talks you’ve heard. Be bold and look that person up. The point is: reach out in the ways you can to find connection.

Talk to a Priest.

You may not know any converts, but chances are priests in your area know tons of them. Maybe there’s someone nearby who would be eager to meet with you and is exactly the kind of person you’d want to talk to. They just need to know that you exist and would like a friend.

Contact Us Directly.

If you need help getting personally connected with a convert in your area who might be able to support you in your journey, contact us right here and we’ll see what we can do to help.

We want to help support you in your spiritual journey as well.  Spiritual Direction