Becoming Catholic?

We can help.

The Coming Home Network

We are a network of thousands of Christians who, in our walk with Jesus, found ourselves drawn home to the Catholic Church. We started this network not to push, pull, or prod anyone in their discernment, but in gratitude and humility, to share the gifts we’ve been given.

Whether you are actively in the process of becoming Catholic or are just starting to explore the Church, we invite you to join the Coming Home Network.

Reasons to Connect With the Network

Personal Connections: A staff member will reach out to you, get to know your background and spiritual needs, and then help you connect with other members of the CHNetwork who have made a similar journey. Additionally, our staff and volunteers will help you find the resources and local connections you need to pursue Christ wherever He is leading you.

Online Community: An active discussion forum and discussion groups put the CHNetwork right at your fingertips. Connect with a huge community of converts to Catholicism and those still on the journey of becoming Catholic.

The CHNewsletter: For over 20 years, this flagship publication has been our way of staying connected,  supporting each other in prayer and study, and sharing our stories – the stories of what Christ has done in our lives – with the whole world.

Free eBooks and Bible/Catechism Reading Guide: In addition to the many excellent informational articles, stories, videos, podcasts, and other resources available publicly through our site, as a member of the network you’ll also have access to:

  1. Our Journeys Home eBook plus two other ebooks, the first on what it means to be a Christian and the second on the “rest of the story” regarding the Protestant Reformation
  2. The entire archive of CHNewsletters
  3. A handy, downloadable pdf guide for reading the entire Bible and Catholic Catechism in a year.

Coming Home Network Retreats: Coming Home Network Retreats are opportunities to meet (or catch up with) the CHNetwork staff and other members of the network for a time of discussion, prayer, and worship. Both for converts and those in the process of becoming Catholic, the goal is to promote Christian fellowship among the attendees, assist in discernment for those who are facing tough questions or decisions, and to encourage all in an ever greater walk with Christ.

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

The most important thing, as you well know, is to keep your eyes on Jesus as you seek out answers and discern the path forward. We’d like to help encourage you in this regard and keep you in our prayers and the prayers of the whole network.

You started out this journey in fidelity to Jesus, and we want to help make sure you finish it that way.