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Why Trust the Catholic Church? – Mike Aquilina

Mike Aquilina August 30, 2017 5 Comments

In the latest short video from The Coming Home Network, Catholic historian and patristics expert Mike Aquilina explains why we can trust the Church, despite a 2000 year past that’s full of conflict and chaos. Christ promised that he would protect and sustain his Church, and lead it into all truth; therefore, we can have confidence in that promise, even when the humans who comprise that Church fail to live up to their calling as Christians.


  • Mali Benyamin Michael says:

    The true Church is Catholic Church, no other church or denomination. It is better for all Christians to come back to Catholic Church as his/her true home.

    • Paul K. Brubaker Sr. says:

      Pure hedonistic B.S.

      • Paul K. Brubaker Sr. says:

        Your “church” disrespects women by denying them the rights granted men. Your church refuses to allow priests to marry and hides them, then forgives them when they molest children. Your church collects millions in riches, and lets parishioners starve while making golden idols of all the saints and Jesus and Mary and Joseph. Your church refuses to accept any religious literature which Constantine did not accept.

        • Reuben says:

          Hi Bro. Paul! I believe you have a misleading concept of how our Church treat women. No, we do not disrespect women, we do not disrespect our mothers, sisters, most of all we believe that we do have equal rights with them. But please, be more specific, which rights are you talking about? How about your “church” (whatever “church” that is), when do you intend to give respect to Mother Mary the mother of Jesus? And with regards to collection, let’s not be hypocrites here, is there any church that does not collect money from it’s members? C’mon man! Do you know anything about, Caritas (Worldwide), Catholic Relief Services, Cross Catholic Outreach, Food for the Poor, Chalice, Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries, Catholic Charities, Aid to the Church in Need, Ascension, Catholic Charities USA, Catholic Home Missions, Catholic Relief Services, CIDSE, Fidesco International, Jesuit Refugee Service, Malteser International, Renovabis, Society of St Vincent de Paul, Talitha Kum, etc. And this list are onlyl in the US, I could still go on with Veritas here in the Philippines, Tahanang Walang Hagdan, Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation Inc., NASSA, etc. As I’ve said, the list could go on and on and on. You see, to an active Catholic like me, I know where the money that I put into during collection, is going. I don’t know with your “church”, but my money definitely goes not just to the poor but to the “poorest of the poor” and not to making “golden idols of all the saints and Jesus and Mary and Joseph. We do have saints, but they were the one’s giving/presenting golden bowls for us in the presence of the Almighty God in heaven (Rev. 5:8). How about you, you belong to a church right? Have they produced a saint yet? I mean, that’s what suppose a church should be doing right? Producing holy people for God?! What do you produce anyway! Lastly, what religious literature are you talking about, will you be more specific please? But anyway, Constantine is not in any authority when it comes do religious literature, truths, beliefs or dogmas. For us Catholics, it’s the Magisterium, which you know nothing about. Good day and God bless!

          • Paul K. Brubaker Sr. says:

            First, do no harm. Instigate no force, perpetrate no fraud. Treat others like you wish to be treated. If it harms none, do as you will.

            You start with the assumption that your god is the ONLY real and available god. Most religions start with that concept. The Roman church didn’t even exist until the emperor Constantine decided to make it a state religion. He called a council of “bishops” to Nicaea and they were ordered to define christianity and to codify that religion.

            Constantine refuses to accept christianity, but when he was dying or already dead he was inducted into christianity by some bishops.

            Constantine carefully selected the bishops for the council at Nicaea, and told them to select the texts which would become the texts which would form the Roman bible. Most [but not all] of the Jewish religious texts were accepted.

            Most of the Christian texts which were adopted are texts written by Saul/Paul who was quite proud of his past murders of those who followed the teachings of Jesus. He claimed to have “seen the light” on the road to Damascus and thereafter claimed to have a continuous revelation from god.

            He declared that women should not cut their hair. He declared that men should keep their hair short. He declared that women should not worship with their heads uncovered. He declared that women should obey their husbands.

            The Roman church to this day does NOT allow women to be priests, or to become anything greater than “Mother Superiors”. Nuns are “servants”, Even Mother Teresa was not supported in her missions by the Roman church.

            The Council of Nicaea was supposed to choose the texts which would become “Holy Scriptures”. These were chosen about three hundred years after Jesus died, so Jesus actually had less input than Constantine, who refused to accept him as a savior god.

            Constantine chose the texts to be included in the Roman bible, anyone who dared to object to his choices was ejected from the council and threatened with death. Texts like the Gospel of Thomas and similar texts were declared to be evil and anyone who read them or possessed them were subject to execution. Execution for simply reading a text which Constantine didn’t like but which was widely circulated among those who followed Jesus’ teachings.

            The good news is that Constantine did NOT rule the southern followers of Jesus, the Gnostics, and they preserved these precious texts. Contrary to Constantine’s dictates, copies of these texts are kept in the Vatican library, and the few allowed to read them haven’t been executed.

            Read the Nag Hammadi library, The Lost Books of the Bible, and The Forgotten Books of Eden if you wish to get a perspective of how those earlier followers of Jesus thought.

            Priests were allowed to marry and bring up families for hundreds of years until some pope declared tha god didn’t want them to anymore. So priests became homosexuals and pedophiles, a tradition which is carried on to this day. No, I do NOT mean ALL priests. But the Roman church readily forgives priests for committing these “sins” while railing against them from the pulpit.

            I respect women, but I do NOT believe that your god came down out of the sky one night and raped Mary while she slept. And I did NOT say that the Roman church does NO good. I am pointing out that the pope, the cardinals, and the archbishops live in luxury, while many of the parishioners starve. Why does the pope or the Roman church need all that gold and other wealth? You claim that all that wealth goes to the poor and needy. That’s an overt lie.

            You claim that Constantine is not an authority, but the Roman church would NOT exist if Constantine had not forced it upon the Roman Empire. The “magisterium” would not exist if Constantine had not created the Roman church. Jesus was already dead for about 300 years when Constantine created your church.

            All of your argument rests on the creation of the Roman church by Constantine who refused to become a “christian” until after he died.

            The Roman church sent many people to their deaths in the crusades to capture Jerusalem. The Roman church created the Inquisition. It also created the Dark Ages. It created the process whereby if you gave the church enough money, you could buy penance and in effect, buy your way into heaven.

            The Roman church murdered many of my ancestors who were christians, but not catholics. They did wholesale murder to other christians also. ALL in the name of “Christianity”. Yet you dare to suggest that the Roman church is Christian?

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