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A network of converts to Catholicism sharing the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church and helping others make the journey home.


I am a non-Catholic Christian exploring or on the Journey to Catholicism.

I am a convert (or revert) to the Catholic Church.

I am a lifelong Catholic

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Our Mission

We are a network of Catholics and converts to the Catholic Church helping clergy and laity of other Christian traditions to discover the truth and beauty of Catholicism and to make the journey home. It is our goal to help each other and all Christians hear and answer the universal call “to the fullness of the Christian life and to the perfection of charity” (Lumen Gentium 40) and to assist the Catholic Church in fulfilling her mission of evangelization and Christ’s call for Christian unity.

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Our Stories

The CHNetwork began in 1993 out of the seemingly isolated experiences of Marcus and Marilyn Grodi and several other Protestant clergy and their spouses. Upon leaving their pastorates to enter the Catholic Church, they discovered with surprise that there were many others being drawn by the Holy Spirit to take the same journey.

Marcus Grodi

Former Presbyterian Pastor

Fr. Ray Ryland

Former Anglican Priest

Fr. Ray Ryland

Former Anglican Priest

Scott Hahn

Former Presbyterian Minister

David Anders

Former Presbyterian

Steve Ray

Former Baptist

Conversion Stories

Be inspired by the stories of men and women, from every background and walk of life, who were led by the Holy Spirit to make the journey home to Catholic Church.

We Sought a Firm Foundation

We live in the “soup” of modern Christendom — hundreds, even thousands, of Christian movements, denominations, and associations, each with their own set of doctrines and lists of “essentials,” each increasingly more individualistic and detached from any formal connection to historic Christianity.

Still, the guiding light for the majority of non-Catholic Christians is the Bible alone. But if the Bible alone is sufficient, why are there so many contradictory opinions as to what is necessary for salvation, how we ought to live our lives, and whether belonging to a church — to any church — is even important?


Explore our archive of articles, videos, talks, and other resources that will help you discover the truth and beauty of Catholicism and live out the fulness of the Christian life.

A Network for Catholic Converts and Those on the Journey

This journey can be difficult. It often results in the loss of friends and family, as well as the loss of career and financial support in the case of pastors or ministers. It usually requires a rethinking of one’s doctrinal and moral convictions, as well as one’s vocation as a child of God. It can be a very lonely experience. Sometimes the most difficult part of the journey occurs after one has come home. Inquirers and converts need the friendship of others who understand what they are experiencing.

It was to provide this sense of connection that the Coming Home Network was formed. We began to share conversion stories via our newsletter, to work with people on the journey to Catholicism and connect them with other converts, and to create new opportunities for fellowship, such as our online community and regional retreats. The fellowship grew and now every week the Lord adds new members as clergy and laity from other traditions seek assistance and encouragement as they consider coming home to the Catholic Church.


Find fellowship and support for your continuing journey of faith in a network of other Catholic converts and those on the journey to full communion with the Catholic Church.

Abiding in Christ

The Christian life is far more than a one-time acceptance of Jesus Christ as one’s personal Lord and Savior. Jesus called all who would follow Him to abide in Him: to remain, continue, and by His grace conquer. This is why our Lord gave us more than a book to follow, but a Church to live in, and in which find the support we need to grow spiritually.

As you continue your journey, we want to be praying for you and helping you grow in prayer and your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Support

As you explore the Catholic Church, we want to help you stay steeped in prayer and growing in your spiritual walk with Christ.

A Difficult Road for Non-Catholic Clergy & Pastors

We realize that seekers, especially those in ministerial or leadership positions in non-Catholic traditions, can encounter many difficulties when their search for truth leads to the Catholic Church. Their family and friends may not understand this search. Their livelihood may be in jeopardy, and the path forward uncertain.

We are a network of former Protestant pastors and ministers who ourselves became Catholic and encountered the unique struggles such a journey entails. We are here to provide other journeyers with fellowship, resources, and advocacy as they make the journey home to Catholicism.

For Clergy & Pastors

If you are a pastor or minister in a Protestant or other non-Catholic tradition, The Coming Home Network exists to support you in the unique struggles and hurdles you may be facing as you consider becoming Catholic.

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Marcus Grodi

A former Presbyterian minister who joined the Catholic Church in 1992, Marcus Grodi is now an author, speaker, founder and president of the Coming Home Network International, and the host of The Journey Home Program on EWTN.